W7 update hanging


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Hey I'm trying to update to W10 through the free promotion but my w10 installer is hanging on "Please wait..." so I thought I would update my windows as it's been awhile since my last update (KB3068708) but it was also hanging. I've tried system update readiness tool and manually dling the latest update but wusa.exe also hangs at "Searching for updates on this computer..". I did a system scan and Windows Resource Protection found some corrupt files and generated a log. I've recently migrated my OS from a hdd using Acronis TrueImage 2015 so I'm guessing there might be some registry issues blocking the updates. Here's the CBS log.


orange juice911

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Since there are some corrupted files existed, why don't you try to check the partition error and fix it?
I am using Windows 10 now, I would say it does has a faster boot speed and better interface. and the rest just keep the same as the Windows 7 for me. But who knows? you cannot be ready if you don't have a taste of the new staff.
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Well it seems I fixed the issue with updates by stopping and restarting wuauserv in the cmd prompt during the process. I've swapped to W10 now and the updates are going smoothly. I've done a chkdsk and there are no issues on my boot drive so I don't really know what caused those updates to hang. Anyways thanks for the help, W10 is extremely fast though it hogs up memory/cpu like no other.