W7 & Vista see each other on network map, but access denied when trying to map drives


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Hi, Can anyone help please, i'm currently looking for a pistol to put to my head!!!
I cant map network drives between my Windows vista business and Windows 7 ultimate machines.
They will both see each other in the netork map in explorer but when i try to map them i get an access denied message. It seems to be a permissions issue. Both machines have the same workgroup name, the W7 machine is not in a homegroup and i have checked that the network discovery and file sharing options are turned on in advanced sharing settings in the network and sharing centre. Password protected sharing is turned off but both pc's log on with the same password anyway (different usernames though).
Does anyone know how to rectify this please. Thanks ion advance.


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The easiest way to get past this is to simply include identical user accounts with identical passwords to the list of users on both machines, right click computer, choose manage, on the left side expand "Local Users and Groups" highlight "Users" right click choose new user and finish the setup. When done make sure that the new user has the appropriate permissions to the shared files and folders as well as any group membership has the same permissions (Users and Authenticated Users) both under sharing tab permissions and security tab ntfs permissions). You don't ever have to log on as the new user he just needs to exist with the right permissions. This isn't mandatory, there are other ways to accomplish the same thing, like I said it's the easiest and most reliable.

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