W7 web page format on screen

My W7 desk top web page is not sufficiently wide on screen to allow full lines of print so I get wrapping, on title lines and others. My W10 laptop on the same pages shows full line presentation. Is there any way of altering the screen format to allow full lines to be shown?


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Can you show us a screenshot please?

Screenshot-2018-4-12 NTC Club Show Results 2017 The Norfolk Terrier Club of Great Britain.png

Sorry should have reduced it. It is fiddling really but it can lead to funny results where names are carried over. You can see on3/4 lines up that Br and Exhs is seperated it could be that they are two different people but not shown. It is only this one page that has this cutout. At the top the names are split by wrapping. I really only need to know if there is a way to reset margins. Any help appreciated.

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