Windows 7 W7 X-64 is there an equivalent to msinfo32 for system info


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Jan 20, 2009
Hi guys
on 32 bit systems (and on Vista 64 bit) you can run msinfo32 from the run command to get nice system info.

This command seems to have been removed from W7 X-64 (build 7000).

I tried typing msinfo, msinfo64, sysinfo, sysinfo32 sysinfo64 just in case the name had changed.

No program of these names exists.

Is there an equivalent in W7 X-64 or is this just a part of the "dumbing down" process - so we can't get any info on what our systems are actually using (or how much overhead the OS is taking).

I've of course posted feedback to microsoft but there could be another program which displays the info which I just don't know about.

The info displayed from the Control Panel is not detailed eneogh.


Definitely doesn't work on mine -- I'm going to copy back another image and try again.

If it DID get corrupted / removed I'm not sure what I did / what I installed that got rid of it.

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