Windows 8 We can't send a message right now messaging app windows 8


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Mar 26, 2013
Hello i am new in this on posting but this is my problem i had installed windows 8 pro and i have linked my microsoft account to my pc(hotmail account),everything was working fine,i was receiving emails,my calendars was working and all my people were synced,but the problem is the messaging app is had worked only 4 days(lagging of course).Since i turn off the services in the right pane the messaging app never conect to me,is always "getting info" and when is finish of that it says to me "we can't send a message rigth now",i made everything but i don't find anything that work , i like Windows 8 and the metro apps but that things is driving me crazy,i don't use the messenger and i only want the facebook chat.
PS:Everithing is working i repeat i receive emails,see my peoples and watch my calendars appointments from the live account,the only thing that isn't working is the messaging app. Thanks for reading me and sorry for my english :)
Hi and welcome to the forum,

have you tried opening the messenger app and then clicking on the settings charm. You'll then see a list containing 'Options' and 'Accounts'. Try checking through these options to make sure everything is set up as it should be for you to get messages from Facebook.
Let's not forget that starting in March for some but most likely for others in April, Messenger will no longer be available to use. MS is closing the doors on the once remarkable piece of software. This could very well be part of your problem if your are strictly using messenger. MS has sent out emails to all messenger account holders telling them to make the switch to Skype, which MS has bought out.
hello thanks all of you for yours replys,@kemical i made that a lot i got everithing set up to chat i had chat in the app before(4 days)
@bassfisher22 yeah some people had told me that,but i can't figure out why is doing that i made a update yesterday of the app and still the problem,i am looking for a solution because skype windows 8 app don't have fb chat integration
thanks to all :)
yeah i search the settings with no success.some people had told me that,messenger is closing the doors that can be happening to me,but i want a solution,i made everithing to fixed and i nothing work.
Using the messenging app, which in turns uses messenger, what accounts to you have associated with that facebook. Right now all that shows on my messaging app account associated with is messenger because it uses messenger. I don't have any other accounts added to mine.

Another reason you might be getting this error message is because your are not singed in to windows using a MS account. Are you sure your signing in with a MS account and not a local account?
yeah i sign my laptop with a microsoft account of course.I have my facebook and my messenger with the messaging app.
Are there any MS updates you haven't installed? Do you have all your apps updated? If you go to the "store" app, are there any notifications in the upper right hand corner that shows a number. That number will indicate how many apps are needing to be updated. Just click on that number and it will give you options on what you want to do on a following screen.
yesterday,i updated the mail apps,ms release a mali,people and calendar update but a messaging app not,i update anyway but still have the problem.
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