Windows 8 Web content displayed at lower quality with IE than with Google chrome


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Dec 26, 2011
I dont know if this issue is specific to windows 8 but it was only after I just installed win8 that I began to use the new IE 10 besides chrome. The differences I will show you are present no matter I run the desktop IE or the start screen one.

The Chrome display

The IE one
Capture 2.PNG

the differences are much visible on avatars where you can see shimerings and jagged edges but I believe there are for other elements too like fonts or video tiles etc.

So my questions:

1)how to get the same quality the chrome offers for explorer too?
2) how can one to get the best quality in displaying web content for every browser ? ( IE and chrome especially )
3) what settings in your graphic card control panel affects the web content ( I have an GeForce gtx 660 with the latest driver)
4) what graphic/visual/display features or technologies are integrated/supported within the above mentioned browsers? Im reffering to antialiasing , anisotropic filtering etc. And which ones can be ajusted/set? Im asking this being aware of potential conflicts between my Nvidia control panel settings and the browser ones?
5)in relation with the question 4) what is to be selected in Nvdia control panel at"antialiasing mode" ?: see the picture Capture 3.PNG
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I checked your screenshots and there is little difference between them? As for anti aliasing, this only effects games and not the desktop area. That's why in the description is say's for your 3D applications, meaning games. I usually have settings like that set to enhance application settings or something like that. Until you really learn what everything does your better off running the driver in default mode. One setting which can have an effect is FXAA which can make text seem a little blurry so it should be turned off when not gaming.
An extremely handy guide to Nvidia drivers and their relative settings can be found here: - Nvidia Forceware Tweak Guide

I'd also make sure your running in the correct resolution, all other drivers are the latest versions and your bios is up to date.
Ive further noticed is that IE10 is displying some fonts ridiclously small. Some comands button texts on some forums that are alreday quite small with Chrome are kinda shrinked in IE 100

Capture IE.PNGCapture chrome.PNG

Im aware of tthat guide but its very tricky: the relation Nvidia Control panel settings - Program settings from the same panel - Ingame settings? what settings conflict with others? wich enhance the game settings ? which are rather lowering quality than enhancing anything ans on .. but I need to leave this headache to anotther day ( I just bought a GTX 660 OC version from Gigabyte an wanted to testes at maximum on an older game and I found myself lost in all thse guides Dear God ...)

Thanks alot. Pls check the other issues I posted. Idont think it encoding cause I changed from unicode to western eupe or something and its was the same
As I said above. Just run the Nvidia driver in default mode and don't worry about it. You only really need to change settings unless you know what they do or are doing something specific.
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