Weird but True!


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Yesterday I changed my Display Port Cable to an HDMI cable after finding that I couldn't view video from my motherboard during the boot process or access the Bios.

This all started with a power outage that messed up the boot process so that my computer would hang at boot. My computer wasn't on at the time of the outage so I had no idea why the computer wouldn't boot.

After talking to Falcon NW the builders of my computer I unplugged my computer from the power, and unplugged all the peripherals from it then pushed the start button. This reset the stored boot information and allowed the computer to boot normally, (I never knew you could do this) but this is the point at which the motherboard video quit working.

I'd been trying to figure this our for several days, and after discovering that I could see the startup process on my TV which is connected via HDMI, I ordered a high-quality HDMI cable and switched it out. Falcon said they have had issues with 21 by 9 UHD monitors and display port cables and recommended I switch. this seemed to be a general opinion online as well.

Now the hard to believe part.

I finally figured I had everything working but discovered that my sound was messed up.

Some sounds worked but others didn't music fine voices not, anything with a voice didn't work.
My personal Windows sounds that I created with text to voice software wouldn't play. Standard Windows sounds played.

In games, the voices were missing but the sounds and music played.

I tried everything, I looked online, I reinstalled the sound drivers. Still no voices!

Finally, I discovered that one of the wires leading into my main speaker was only pushed in part way.

I pushed it in and the problem was solved. I must have disturbed it when I was changing the cables.

But what are the chances that the cable being loose would affect only the voice sounds?

Weird but True!



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Voice and music are often set to different channels like the old left speaker and right speaker days... Well done for finding the problem on your own