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Windows 8 Strange but True!!!


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Microsoft Community Contributor
May 25, 2009

I bought a new Microsoft Lifecam HD 3000.

They don't give you software anymore, you have to download it.

I did.

I installed it 6 times in different ways but the software would not work and the camera only worked on and off.

I finally decided that I'd try an get my old camera working again a VX 5000.
I couldn't get it to work a couple of days ago.

I had to download the software for it too.

I was surprised to find that it was the same file as the one I had downloaded for the new camera. They are listed under different names but the file name is the same.

Damn, I thought.

I plugged in my old camera and it was recognized.

I installed the software even though I got a message saying it was not compatible with Windows 8.

It works.

It wouldn't work with the new camera, but it works with the old camera.

I see a lot of people posting about having problems with Microsoft Lifecam software.

By the way, the microphone on the old camera is 10 times as good as the new one!!!

Back to Amazon it goes. I love their return policy.