Weird Command Prompt Text Color/Visibility Issue


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I'm having issues seeing the text in the Administrative Command Prompt.
I haven't messed with it on my pc.
The regular Command Prompt looks fine.
In my screenshot of both the regular Command Prompt is on the left side and the Administrative Comman Prompt is on the right side.
Thanks for any help fixing this.
Command Prompt.PNG


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It has to be a bug from last weeks Windows 10 Update.
It's after then that I realized it.
I just had other things on my mind. like getting my pc ready for the RTX 2080 Super that replaced my old RX 480.
A lot of medical stuff on my mind too.
I just had to heart stents put in 2 weeks ago and I have a feeling I have more to come in my neck. stomach and legs thanks to type 1 diabetes.


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If it is, then it's not affecting me. So I'm guessing it's caused by something else that you have installed


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The fact that the word "Select" in your command prompt title bar suggests something is different. This is not normal. You can try right clicking on the icon in the command prompt and go to properties or defaults to reset the console color settings.


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I'll do a clean install down the road when I have the new 4K monitor. Until then I don't really feel like messing with it.
After the 4K monitor comes 1 or 2 ssd upgrades to 2TB's (probably do both).
After that I may look into using EVGA's upgrade to either get the RTX 2080 SUPER I wanted or even a RTX 2080 it.
I figure that will cost me anywhere from $100-$400 depending on which upgrade I choose.
One good thing I learned with this card. My case can fit a 3 fan video card with my cases pivot fan not being removed, which is a plus for me, as it blows on my mobo. and video card.
I think I'll do my water cooler on Saturday sometime.
I still haven't messed with it, yet.