Weird issues with two monitors on pc

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So I have two monitors on my pc one connected by VGA to the CPU and one connected with HDMI cable the GPU. Its kinda wank and I don't how windows managed to make the monitors work but they do except every time I turn on my PC the second monitor doesn't turn on. So I have found a stupid way to work around this by: Get this TURNING ON A GAME like apex legends which resizes your screen in the process magically turns on the second screen. Yes, the Windows key + P then setting it to extend does absolutely nothing, it changes the setting back when I exit the menu. So do you think there is another way to solve this issue so I don't have to turn on a game and wait every time I turn on my PC? Sr for my broken English, sometimes I don't even notice it, I am not a native speaker


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To clarify the CPU is just the chip that crunches data. I believe you mean it's plugged into the motherboard which have a built-in lower performance graphics card and a second discrete graphics card plugged into a PCI or PCI-e expansion slot. While modern computers can run just fine with multiple graphics cards you will probably be better off running both monitors from one card. Computers should follow a port priority which isn't often documented in which they try to detect a signal.

My theory is your computer is detecting the first monitor on one GPU and stopping detection and uses that GPU.

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Alrighty then I will try to buy another HDMI cable so I can plug the second monitor in the GPU and then post my result

Edit: Yes I only have one HDMI cable that is why it isn't plugged into the GPU just couldn't be bothered to buy another one :)