weird transparent bar on screen that wont go away....

Hey, so there has been this weird shadow bar on the bottom right hand side of my screen. It will always be on top of windows and cannot be clicked on. It also displaces desktop icons. I have no idea what it is or how to get rid of it! I have taken a screen shot of it on a white background so you can see what I'm talking about. Any suggestions?


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My sister has a Dell laptop and it looks a little like that. I think they call it Dell Dock. It might be related to something you installed.

thanks Joe for answering but that isnt the bar i was talking about. That is the RocketDock on the top of the screen. The bar that i was referring to is on the bottom right hand side of the picture. its transparent with a shadow on the bottom. Untitled.jpg



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If you are talking about the white triangle bordered area in the bottom right of you screen image that you provided then maybe take a look in msconfig "startup" tab and see if you can identify it or else
save a copy of msinfo32 to your desktop, zip it up and include it in your next post and we can have a look and see if we can identify it for you.
Best of luck


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Any chance you have a restore point from before it showed up?

It looks like part of a notification window of some sort that got stuck but I can't imagine where it be stored so that it continues to show up.

Is is there if you login in Safe Mode?

If not I would run CCleaner, to get rid of junk and run the registry cleaner in it as well.

Next, use it to go through the things that load at startup and see if something is starting a notification process of some sort that can be turned off.

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I have to say that I have never seen this problem before.
I don't have the faintest idea where it's coming from but something has to load it when you boot up.


I wasn't exactly sure what you meant be save a copy so i just took a couple screen shots of the startup tab and cropped it, hope that helps.



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Not completely sure based on the images you included but I would consider unchecking Launch Manger (Dritek) and reboot and see if that helps.
You can always recheck it if not.
msinfo32, file, save,
save to desktop,
attach to next post.
But first try the launch manager thing and see if that's it.

I ran the CCcleaner and restarted and it seems to be gone! It disappeared for the last couple months though and just came back a week ago, so we will see if this is a permanent solution. Thanks guys for the help, I appreciate it!


I'm having the same problem that ChadBelisle described.
I have a weird transparent bar running horizontally on my screen and it's starting to flicker a little.
I ran Task Manager and found nothing out of the ordinary.
I ran a Full virus scan with Kaspersky Total Security 2018 and nothing was detected.
I turned off transparency effect in Settings which did nothing.

The transparent bar doesn't show in the screenshot.

What can I do to remove the bar? It's really annoying when trying to work.


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I just realized you don't see the transparent bar in the screenshot


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Where on the screen does the bar appear?

How long has the bar been present? Always or did it appear recently?

Have you tried checking the cables between monitor and pc?

You could also try updating your drivers?


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If you don't see the bar on the screenshot when it is visibel on the screen, it may well be a hardware fault of your display.
And I am afraid that if you see it also on the boot splash screens, it is a hardware fault.
But please continue the testing as Kemical suggested.

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