Windows 7 were some builds was fake??


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According to a Russian article, some builds was fake. And it is so easy to change build number..

Here i used google translate to translate page in english:

Translated version of

I was wondering what was the diff between 7100 and 7077. So tehoricly it may be true. Because MS officially just published 7000.. And will publish RC1. i was almost going to download 7100 from torrent. But i can keep my self wait for offical RC1.
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Yes, some of the leaked builds were fake.. ;) This has been mentioned in a couple of other threads on this site.. ;)
so it is better to wait offical RC1.
I started to belive 7100 is fake. it is the just changed version 077
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7100 is the RC.. It just hasn't officially been released from Microsoft yet.. As in you can't go to the Microsoft website and download the Windows 7 RC from it yet.. May 5th you will be able to do that. ;) Until then I'd suggest just waiting...
Hi all
Build 7100 RC1 here is the PROPER CRC32, MD5 and SHA1 for the X-64 version.
Any other values and your build is a FAKE.