What causes file name to appear with @ and long string of numbers & letters

Can anyone tell me what causes a file name to duplicate and appear with the following "name"

Master DB_1_21_15@9b1e95f9bff5463d87789d6efbbe4852

I have a file that is called Master DB_1_21_15 (excel file)
It resides on my desktop computer in my Google Drive folder

The date is the last time I saved it with a new name. Helps me to keep track and to share latest version with another part of our organization that needs access to it.

I also sometime open this file to look at it from a laptop to look at it but I don't save it from my laptop.

Most of the time when I go in to open it up I will see the file
Master DB_1_21_15
I will also see
~Master DB_1_21_15
And I will see:
Master DB_1_21_15@9b1e95f9bff5463d87789d6efbbe4852

This morning it is actually the last one, Master DB_1_21_15@9b1e95f9bff5463d87789d6efbbe4852,
which appears to be the most updated with a saved date of yesterday afternoon 1/24/15 at 2:15 which is approximately the time it was last worked with.

I'm pretty sure it was the Master DB_21_15 file that was opened and saved at that time. But this file is not showing up as the most recently saved. It has a saved date of 1/22/15. This is the file that should be the main file that is always opened and always saved.

What is causing those other files with the ~ and with the @ symbol in them?
How do I avoid them or what do I do with them. I need that Master DB_1_21_15 to be the most accurate and up to date because it contains all of our membership records.

Anyone can help explain this to me?



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The one with the tilde (~) is a working copy of the file which is created by Excel when it is opened to edit. If at some time the file was not closed normally the working file can be left on the system. Not sure about the second one with the @ symbol etc but suspect it may be related to cloud storage.

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