Windows 11 what happens to my installed OFFICE 10 if I upgrade to Windows 11?

Sherri Harding

New Member
Oct 17, 2021
I have OFFICE 10 installed on my Surface computer. If i upgrade to WINDOWS 11 will it impact my OFFICE 10 (WORD, EXCEL, POWERPOINT) installation? Will OFFICE 10 still work?
It should still work, but I'd consider moving to something supported. If you're not interested in paying for Microsoft office I would move to Libre Office which is free.
I installed it on my laptop.
Everything that I had installed still works after I did the first option, the let it handle it install.

I didn't do a clean installation as I would have normally because I don't want to do that on my PC when I update it.
I just have too many things installed to want to start over before getting a new computer.

It worked great, the only thing I had to do is reset Chrome as my default browser.
I haven't had much time to work on it, but so far I'm happy with it and find it easier to navigate through than I do Windows 10.

It really looks like a throw back to simpler times, in a way.
I was able to find virtually everything within a few minutes.
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