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We are continuing to discuss WindowsForum.com, right now, and where we are going in the form of quality content. Stay tuned!
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Here is a list of changes of what has been done since we migrated Windows7Forums.com and Windows8Forums.com into our new supersite WindowsForum.com!
  • Tapatalk support is now available.
  • The Resource Manager is being used extensively and requires further development.
  • We are properly outputting sitemaps to the search engines.
  • Content relevant 301 redirects are being made from original content URLs to new ones.
  • Implemented Live Stream (spy.php) by Digital Point.
  • Implemented a Media section which encompasses all prior YouTube video publications.
  • Our custom theme is online, and may need some work, so give it time.
  • Custom user fields (like PC specs) have been updated, but may require users to update them as needed.
  • We are slowly, but surely, bringing back Blog entries from the old sites.
  • It may take awhile, but we hope that visitors, new and old, will enjoy this new central location.
  • We have adjusted server settings and updated PHP to compensate for this new software.
  • We have re-implemented the serving of data from worldwide nodes via NetDNA/MaxCDN.
  • Many new feature enhancements are available using XenForo.
  • Our site portal has been implemented and we are looking forward to bringing in great content for that area.
  • Logging in will always remove all advertisements, which keep the site in operation.
  • We are looking at additional giveaway opportunities with various organizations (hint: anti-virus).
  • If you'd like your YouTube content featured in our Media portal, just submit it, and we will review it.
  • Elasticsearch allows for better and more relevant search results to appear.
  • We are still working on optimizing ad placement. If you are a visitor, and the current advertising alienates you, we hope that you will log us in and provide us feedback.
  • Change of address requests were submitted to Google today (Aug 3)
We would like more in-depth feedback. So we have prepared a survey for you to fill out. If you can, please let us know what you think of WindowsForum.com as a website, and what you'd like to see in the future.

To fill out the survey, please go here: http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/NGVS8JF

It would be greatly appreciated if you provide survey feedback as well as in these Feedback Forums.

Thank you!
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Loading faster? Tonight, @Josephur and I patched what problems we were experiencing with Litespeed web server and have switched back from apache. Visitors should benefit from drastically improved load times.
Blogs have been restored tonight. Although some tinkering may be required. In this case, may usually means will!