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It doesn't happen very much. When I go to the top of the screen and the pointer touches on one of my favorites, the favorite disappears. if I scan across the favorites with the mouse pointer every one of them disappears. I usually restart the computer and everything comes back to normal. What is happening? The Laptop mouse input is disabled and I am using a remote mouse.

Hi wilhelm I'll give it a shot. You may get more replies latter! I'm assuming your talking about Internet Explorer.
I'm sure you have tried resetting IE. I don't run IE Here's a couple of links you might give a look!
How to Repair Internet Explorer

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I did it and I forgot to mention that I have been getting an Adobe Flash Player ActiveX msg that I need to upgrade. I think what is happening Microsoft is doing everything possible to force you to upgrade to Win 10. I can't stand Win 10. Another msg said my ActiveX is outdated.

Hi wilheml ! A lot of people don't like W10. I'm really liking it myself. I don't know why MS is trying so hard to get users to upgrade!
You issue is really weird. Sense no one was replying, I thought I'd give it a shot. I'm like @kemical; I hate to see threads not get answered.
I think some times I'm to aggressive about replying, but I do get it right some times. Not understanding "Idid it" in your reply.
Maybe you will get better replies latter. I'm a FireFox user. Seldom use IE. Do you have the latest version of IE and all the up dates??
Very important to keep Adobe up dated also. They are a magnet for malware and you need to keep it up dated. I'm sure you are aware of that.;):)


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I did the reset on IE. I am running IE 11 with all upgrades. You know every time I try to do something, IE takes me to a Win 10 page and I hate
to do anything they have to offer, instead of a Win 7 page, part of their prompting me to change I think. Like I say it is weird and it may happen
every couple of weeks so I just reboot and all is well. Guess it is one of the spooks of computers.

Okay why do I get the line feed that shows up like it is above. It happens a lot and I have to fix it.
I was not aware that they were magnets.

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Hi friend! I don't know what you mean. "line feed"


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Instead of my message being 3 lines, it is 5 lines with 2 of the lines only having a word on each line. Are you seeing 3 lines or 5 lines?

Hi I see what you see in my screen shot. You can add remove by right clicking in a blank spot. I hope I'm understanding your replies.


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I can get the same as your screen shot. What I am talking about go to my post above and see the wording where "Hate" and "Happen"
are, why did the line not fill in instead of doing a line feed.

Wish I could screen shot and outline things on a computer may have to get Grand Son to give me some help doing things I don't know how to do.


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I just thought of something maybe it is because I don't fill up a line completely and it does that as a default.

Sorry friend! I have no idea why that happened! Maybe other members will reply latter!


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Malware could be a possible causes of the strange behavior or Windows corruption.
Open an elevated command prompt and run SFC /SCANNOW

Thanks for helping fiend!:up:May I add that if you get errors, you might need to run sfc /scannow 3 times to fix all the violations or what ever.:rofl:
Malware could cause strange behavior also.
Thanks @Neemobeer Your knowledge blows my mind!
I wish I were young again and could learn these things.;):(

Oops almost forgot! Run the sfc /scannow with Admin privileges!:rofl:

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