What Is Office 365?

Can't post proper, normal notes. Site looks to be 'broken'.


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Are you talking about Office 365 2010 or the 2013 preview?


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I believe he was talking about the Office 2013 Preview. He has the same discussing in a couple of other Forums.


Is about Office 365

Some are needing an explanation of Office 365 vs Office 2013

Notes, still, won't go in properly, anymore... tools are no all showing... not creating links, either.


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I'm not getting any of the specialized links either


It's cus all the message tools are missing.. except insert image. Put a URL in & it doesn't become a LINK after Saving the composed note. Me thinks eez broke, Mizter

You seen that IT guy?? Oh, Help Desk?


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Oddly, it seems to be only in this thread???

Oh, my, hadn't, actually, caught on to that.. how, even, stranger is that, eh?

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