What would you like to see in Windows 7 SP1?

I have a similar experience. Trying to figure out where I have stored a file, I enter the first few letters of the file name in the search box which appears when I click on the Windows Flag Button. It quickly tells me no such file found. So then I laboriously go through the many folders under Documents and find it. I'd just like the search to, ummm, really search.


Here is a search engine that is far superior to the one in W7 it comes in 32 and 64 bit flavours, MS should license this and make it part of SP1
Locate32 Web Site - Downloads

I'd like windows 7 sp1 to be more faster and easier in use.


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I use the program Locate 32 for my search engine it comes in 32 bit and 64 bit flavors, truly the best out there, MS should buy a license from them or buy them out and incorporate it in to W7
Locate32 Web Site - Downloads

I, too, am using Locate 32 for my searches. The search function in Windows 7 is utterly useless, even worse that the worthless search function in Vista. I am running SP1 beta (Build 7601) and I see no change in the search function from Build 7600.



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UAC is most helpful for perhaps the grandparents that have limited knowledge of pcs, or any other users that might fall into that category.
Completely agree in this area. I use Eset Smart Security (based off the Kaspersky engine you use), Malwarebytes, SuperAntiSpyware, Trojan Remover, HijackThis, and number of other tools if I detect a security vulnerability. With ESET Smart Security, it functions as a firewall, malware detector, and so forth. I have had no problems in ages with the software with security. I leave UAC off.

Would I recommend users in an office environment turn off UAC? Never. Ever. Not once ever. Unless they are proficient with computers. Never ever ever. I have worked in too many offices where absolutely no knowledge of computers was the status quo. I have worked in offices where everyone had a PhD but didn't understand how to properly use Excel.. this is the majority. Keep it on.

I have classic shell installed since it first came out. It does not however solve the problem entirely; A big help but not a cure. Incidentally it is the best of the classic menu add ons and above all it is free! God bless the guy who wrote the code!

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