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Any comments about what you would like to see new in the new Windows 8 OS? How about comments on "Mosh" a supposed new tile base shell that may be the new User Interface for the OS, or perhaps "Jupiter" ( a Windows 8 App Store?) full of SilverLight based applications. Or maybe you'd like to see a bit of retro-refitting of the new OS bringing back some features that you've missed from XP or dare I even say Vista? Just looking for everyone's thoughts and comments on the new operating system from Microsoft that some say is still two years away. Sort of like our current presidents announcement on Feb 10th 2007 almost two years in advance of the Nov 2008 elections. Guess it never hurts to get a head start.


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Any comments about what you would like to see new in the new Windows 8 OS?
I have been talking about this very thing recently . It is a common thread of agreement that cloud based software is more then likely to feature heavily . So I would imagine that the new OS will use cloud to lower the actual size of the OS , due to the fact that a good part of the OS will be online .

It will be a matter of great interest to see how much of the new , Windows 8 System will be online :)


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I am hoping the new mosh User interface is not a resource hog and hope they focus on usabilty & productivity and not eye candy and extra junk.

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