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Windows 10 Whats autostarting 3x services and how to stop it? UsoSvc, wuauserv and WaaSMedicSvc


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Aug 8, 2019
I have Windows 10 Home because they didn't feel like my Ultimate Vista license which got me to 8 was good enough one more time lol.

Anywho, I run a dual boot system and have some server and camera stuff that run on this machine so windows auto update regularly explodes my system and causes a massive headache sometimes even when it reboots fine and brings my services down until I can come back physically to the computer.

Right now I have startup value set to 4 for all 3 services but for some reason, once a network connect comes alive, they all start up again by themselves. Stopping them works except wuauserv which restarts it self 3 times until it stays stopped.

What else wakes or initiates these services? I am also not able to disable or set to manual activation for UsoSvc, and disabling the other 2 or making them manual doesnt work because it seems UsoSvc just changes that value later at some point.

I have having to check every so often to see if these stupid things are up again by themselves but I'm not savy enough to know what the other reg values do, or what other services will have to be killed to stop the vicious cycle.
Well first off disabling updates is a bad idea since it not only keeps your system patched from known vulnerabilities but also helps prevent your system from being weaponized by attackers. If you're having so many issues with updates I would suspect that your system has other problems that are being exacerbated by the updates. I would run some repair commands such as "sfc /scannow", "dism /online /ceanup-image /restorehealth" and also run a DFS on your hard drive to try and resolve any corruption on your system or potentially consider backing up your data and doing a clean install.
What else wakes or initiates these services?
it can also be started by a scheduled task (there are 4 of these) but by default the trick service is Windows Remediation... disable it to stop microsoft turning updates back on
Screenshot (334).png
ok I've disabled and set start to 4 in the registry for the following:

UsoSvc update orchestrator service
sedsvc windows remediation service
wuauserv windows update
WaaSMedicSvc windows update medic service

but after awhile wuauserv and UsoSvc restart themselves and the registry values change back.

how can I tell what is changing the values and/or starting the services up?