"What's New in Microsoft Technologies" Event on Windows 8 and Windows Server 2012 in Philadelphia &

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    Forward thinking business executives and IT professionals can learn from the best at Microsoft Technology event on new features of Windows 8 OS & Windows Server 2012 presented by Microsoft Learning Partner of the Year, NetCom Learning.

    Check out our successful event in New York City!

    NetCom Learning is also offering a Microsoft Launch Event Series, including webinars and seminar. Click here to see our upcoming events!

    Topics that will be covered in both events:

    What's New in Windows Server 2012
    • Efficiency - Server 2008 vs. Server 2012
    • What's New in Active Directory
    • Dynamic Access Control
    • What's New in Remote Access
    • Storage Enhancements in Server 2012
    • What's New in Active Directory
    • What's New in Networking
    • Organizational Benefits
    • Windows Server 2012 Certifications
    Key Features in Windows 8
    • Side-loading Applications
    • Support for tablet devices
    • User interface improvements
    • Windows Cloud Interaction
    • Windows 2 Go
    • Improved deployment and migration features
    • Security Enhancements
    • Windows 8 OS Certifications

    January 22nd in Philadelphia
    Where: Microsoft Corporation - Philadelphia, PA
    Great Valley Corporate Center
    45 Liberty Boulevard, Suite 210
    Time: 9 AM

    To learn more about the event, click here.
    Click here to RSVP.

    January 23rd in Washington DC
    Where: Microsoft Corporation - Washington, DC
    5404 Wisconsin Ave, Suite 700
    Chevy Chase, Maryland 20815
    Time: 9 AM

    ** Feature guest speaker from Microsoft will be speaking about "The Cloud", a Microsoft gadget demo is also included in the Washington DC event.

    To learn more about the event, click here.
    Click here to RSVP.
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    Although a bit belated, thank you for your message.

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