When Do Beta Keys Expire?

Discussion in 'Windows 7 Help and Support' started by mightymilk, Jan 10, 2009.

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    This is fact..MS knows that people wanted to get out of Xp, yet were scared to make the jump to Vista. Therefore, we all new the jump from XP people would be almost double that than from Vista users. And to further show this is fact, most XP users have wiped out there XP machines for a product that has clearly been marked "BETA" The downloads and feedback are almost 2 to 1 as XP users are utilizing this and harnessing this jump more.

    MS has no plans to makes things more difficult and hurt 7's launch, that is why a release candidate is planned in the month of august or prior to bridge the gap so to speak.

    But, we all know how things change..... Being part of MSDN I cant tell you how much changes from day to day.. Therefore, even though R1 is stated to be out to bridge the gap, its always best to be prepared for the worst and utilize a separate partition for a beta release.
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    They probably aren't dome with all the features and I expect a Release Candidate before a RTM.
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    ok for 1 i loved Vista over XP, but once i installed W7..... wow.... i liked it so much i put W7 x64 on my work machine.... and again... wow!! I really dont want to have to reinstall any other OS for 6 months... but i do have everything backed up and expecting the worst..... but for me..... only W7 at home and at work:D
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    Always the possibility of a release candidate which would push August 1 to whatever.

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