Windows 7 When I install VMWARE WS 6.5 in Windows 7 it creates -VMWare-User- ! why ?


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Mar 30, 2009
I have Windows 7 installed on my laptop. I installed VMware Workstation 6.5 in it to use other operating system from Windows 7.
After installation when I rebooted the system it had created a new user --vmware-user--
I tried to log in to it but I don't know what is its password.
I log in with my usual windows 7 login ID and went in to control panel to see the users profiles there is no other/new user apart from the only user I have for windows 7

can some one help on this issue ?
why this new user has been created?
what could be its password?
any extra functionality we can get with this new user ?
It's likely just a service account for the VMware software, though I'm not 100% sure of that. If it is a service account it won't have rights to logon to the desktop anyway, so it wouldn't matter if you knew the password.

I haven't installed VMware Workstation in a while so I don't remember if it does indeed create a service account. I use Virtualbox on my computers.
I do have the same issue that has happened to you after installing VMware WS 6.5 inside Windows 7

Its so weird having that weird new USER ( __vmware_user__ ) on the Windows 7 Start Up

i have checked all over the computer & drive C.. there is nothing related to that user.. or any new user in it.. so it is pretty messed up thsi issue that has occured in Windows 7.. by simply installing WMware WorkStation 6.5..

On my computer, it appears VMware did not install fully.. since inside *Program Files in drive C.. it does not have sufficient files to run the program(not even the .exe file and only 1 folder but empty), I had it installed before on WIndows XP and it had allot more files and it ran perfectly the install

Well i hope someone.. finds a solution to the problem that me & z_hn are having on Windows 7, we want to REMOVE that New user.. and Fix & erase what got installed from this *Currupted VMware (I actually dont even think it got installed.. so i'll simply call it currupted - it is not in Start Menu & in program Files the VMware folder is kinda Empty)

I have managed to fix the Erasing that New User "__vmware_user__"

Reboot the computer, Start clicking F8 while computer starting and choose Safe Mode
Once in Safe Mode, go to Control Panel and chose something like Administrative Tools (IF you don't see it click "All Control Panel Items")... then choose Computer Management, then select in the Left Side Panel "Local Users and Groups"... then select the folder "Users" in there you should read that New User "__vmware_user__"... just right-click on it and choose Delete... after that Go Back on to where you see the folder "Users"... but this time choose the folder "Group" in it also look for the New User "__vmware_user__" and do the same Right-Click and Delete

and thats it.. Reboot the Machine.. afterwards you may delete the VMware folder from inside the Program Files since it doesnt work in Win 7... well that was for me according to my issue

I hope it helps... it removes that random user in Start Up Screen ;)
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The account is created under Windows Vista and Windows XP, but it is a hidden account in these operating systems. VMWare needs its own user account to function. In Windows 7 there is no way I know of to hide the account. This is likely an issue that will be resolved in newer versions of VMWare.
This works perfectly under Windows 7 & its Free Open Source

\"WAY BETTER\" than *VMware Workstation

Have you actually tried running a 64 bit guest OS under Virtual Box.

Vmware can even run 64 bit guest OS'es from a 32 bit Host (windows XP) -- also if you don't want to pay for vmware workstation vmware SERVER is free. Using the vmware server software allows you to log directly on to a remote Virtual machine. Vmware workstation needs the host OS to start a virtual machine first and this means of course if the remote machine is re-booted you have to start up the guest virtual machine first before you can logon to it. Vmware server starts the relebvant virtual machines automatically. You don't have to logon to the remoterr host machine first to start the virtual machine.
Virtual box is a good example of an open source product but it needs to mature a little more before I'd trust a Production type virtual machine on it.

JIMBO do you know how to READ THE ABOVE POST?

I Posted another Post before that Statement of mine that your REPLIED TO

And if you read the ABOVE post .... you would understand I HAD ISSUES under Windows 7 installing, that honestly WOULD NOT make VMWARE WS *work.

After that you would know... why I could not use WMware WS, so i had to search for a Compatible one, that is when I searched for VirtualBox since I've used Before many times through Linux & works wonders perfectly, I had not noticed they released a Windows version... guess what it Works perfectly the SAME EXACT way in Windows 7 as it did under Linux.

And visiting the WEBSITE of VirtualBox.. if you manage to read the *Change Log* it does handle 64 bits OS's in 32bits machines

VirtualBox was created under LINUX, not so long ago was when they ported it for Windows & Mac OS.

I do Trust Open Source projects since they are always very well made *Tell me about Open Office / Gimp <-- Great Open Source Products

"Virtual box is a good example of an open source product but it needs to mature a little more before I'd trust a Production type virtual machine on it."

I laugh after that remark of yours - It probably means you have never used *Professionaly LINUX (OPEN SOURCE entirely) "my opinion Best OS in existance" Play with that.. and afterwards you would change your mind about Open Source Products.

Don't even bother replying
TAKE ATTENTION TO THE THREAD TITLE - is about Issues under Windows 7 with VMware WS

Also I am already happy using VirtualBox under Windows 7

I Do Use VMware WS on my other computer with Windos XP <-- that I would never change, I paid for it. So... I better use it, I have to value the money I spent on it. =P
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I installed VMWARE 6.5.1 on 7048 x64 and had no problems at all. I have since upgraded to 7068 and it told me to uninstall before the upgrade so I did, and have just reinstalled it to try and replicate your problem, but it works fine for me, no new user created. Everything works fine
thank you for posting it working for Newer Win 7 Builds

I'm at 7000 <-- that is probably why i had the issues

I will upgrade when 7100+ RC are released
Hi! I am new to using VM Ware. I have a 64 bit Windows 7 PC i am trying to implement a wiki in it using TWIKi but it needed me to install vmware. I followed the steps on T Wiki to a good point and now I am lost.

My VM Player displays, "twiki-vmlogin:" and doesn't accept my username or any other username. It is freaking me out. please help me.
I used VM Workstation 6.5 and don't remember any problem like that I've got version 7 now and no probblem. VMware Player is now free and allows creating a vm. I used Virtualbox a while ago and it was a real pain to network. It may be a Twiki thing instead of Vmware..
I figured out how to login though. I had to enter my username password as root/root.

but now i'm stuck at trying to mount the linux file on vm. i typed # mount -o loop d linux.iso /mnt/disk

and it said, loop loaded, linux.iso not found. so I am on command line
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