When I type a 1 or 2 Application jumps to that screen


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Windows 7 64bit / Dual Displays / Microsoft Wireless Entertainment Keyboard 7000


Now, this is weird, and sort of difficult to explain . . . When I type the number 1 or 2, the application window I'm working on jumps to that screen (Browser, Word, Notepad, etcetera). Screen one is on the left, screen two is on the right. Doing it right now as I type this. In other words, if I'm typing in a MS Word document on display two, and I type the number "1", the window jumps to display one.

Possible culprit: I purchased a StarTech 'USB2DVIE2' USB Display module that facilitates adding a third monitor via a USB connection. Didn't work well at all so I uninstalled the drivers.

I've updated the keyboard drivers, made no difference. Hey, Help appreciated, this is driving me nuts - Thanks, IM

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