When will new OEM models show up?


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I was wondering if anyone knew about what time of year newer Models for all-in-one type OEM systems would start showing up.

I have been checking some sites and some models are out of stock which would lead me to believe they are about to release a new model. Or it could just be a slow time of year and companies are not restocking.

I did see one site that showed 8.1 as the operating system, but not certain if that means a new model or they just started making that OS available on the older ones.

Thanks, just looking around and possibly in the market for a Touch Screen model.


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I'm not sure but I really like Asus's

I was a big fan of Gigabytes but they seem to have little community support and are getting harder to find.


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Thanks Josephur, but I am not really looking for a specific manufacturer, just when any manufacturer might be releasing new models.

I believe for many years they have shrouded this in mystery to keep sales of older systems flowing instead of folks waiting for the new systems. Once upon a time, you could almost count on new models coming out in the months before some holiday, but now it seems more like the middle to early part of the year.

As far as Asus, I was looking primarily at them. There was one model that showed as Touchscreen. I did not see a place Asus sold directly to the public, so I looked at Newegg and Amazon. The same model number (ET2702-03) was described as non-touch on Newegg, but Multi-touch on Amazon. It seems if this model has 802.11ac it is a newer model and maybe Newegg messed up on their description. I am checking with Newegg now, but I suppose the lesson here is compare all the specs on a system before buying... :)

I probably won't actually buy anything now, but I like to keep informed...

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