Where Can I Find IE v.11 For Windows 8 ONLY, AND NOT FOR 8.1 Pls

I know that there is a download available of IE11 that can be used in windows 8 ONLY, and there is also one available for the 8.1 system too, But I know you can upgrade your web browser inside windows 8 from version 10 to version 11 WITHOUT THE NEED TO UPGRADE TO 8.1.....But I'm having problems in finding somewhere where I can be done, So if you know of a website could you please provide me the URL Link to it...

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Clarification :
IE11 is the default browser of Win 8.1. No need to install it because it comes with Win 8.1.

So far I know, Win 8 users have to stick with IE10. No IE11 is available to Win 8.

excerpt :
While Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 are getting the IE11 love promptly, however, this time around it's Windows 8 users that are being left out in the cold. Redmond is not planning to make a version of IE11 for Windows 8, and if you try to run the Windows 7 installer on a Windows 8 system, you're given a gentle (if paradoxical) scolding.
Read this article......

One MVP once said he had IE11 in both Win 8 and 8.1
So far there is no IE11 download link for Win 8 in the net anywhere.
Until I see one, I maintain my assertion..... no IE11 for Win 8.

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Thank you for replying to my question, however, I'm sorry to say but I feel the answer you've given me is incorrect and untrue, I feel that there IS somewhere on the net, the file I'm looking for, and it's only a question of time before I will find it.......I feel it is out there somewhere, because I have used IE11 on windows 8 before with NO repercussions or software clashes, or blue screen lock-ups.....Running windows 7 IE11 file on a windows 8 system is ok, as long as your virus definitions and your firewall doesn't interfere....you should be OK.....

I've been involved in all fields in computing (including building them and diagnosing software problems), for nearly 35 years so I'm very experienced in both knowledge and ability......and I've been building them now for about 6 years........so if I've seen such a file out there, then it means that someone has either leaked it onto the net, or has done it by mistake......So if I find it, I will pass it on for checking...

Thanks anyway...
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Try to consider this way.......
IE11 is NOT the deciding ground-breaking feature which will lure win 8 users into jumping heads over heels to win 8.1.
If MS had a working IE11 for Win 8 users, MS would have released it. No reason to hide it. They gave one to Win 7, didn't they ?
Hence, the word " leak " is inapplicable.
If someone hacked the registry and made IE11 into Win 8, you would be using it at your own peril..... even if you found it.


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Windows 8 in reality isn't supported by Microsoft so really that os shouldn't be used as only Windows 8.1 is now supported. Windows 8.1 uses IE11 by default. There is a link for downloading IE11 but only for Windows 7. Try clicking on this link and see what it say's... It should say that you already have IE11 (assuming your running 8 or 8.1):
I did find another link for downloading IE11 here:

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The ONLY website for downloading Internet Explorer is from Microsoft .

Until I see an article from Microsoft that says otherwise....
IE11 is for Win 7 and Win 8.1
Win 8.0 has to settle for IE10.

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