Where is the NK2 file in Win7?


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I have a new laptop and wish to transfer autocomplete list for Outlook from my old PC. Microsoft support pages only have help for XP & Vista!

Anyway, I (think I!) found the Outlook application data folder (where I suspect NK2 *should* be!) and found that there isn't an NK2 folder already in there! On the help pages for XP & Vista it says to replace the NK2 file already there, so I was expecting to find one already there for my new laptop. (Note that I already have email addresses auto-completing on my new laptop so there is data stored somewhere).

So wondering if I should just paste my copied NK2 folder into "C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Outlook" anyway, or is the NK2 located elsewhere within Win7 or is there a new system altogether for Outlook autocomplete in Win7?

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This is the correct answer

Hi, when you create a new account in outlook, the system create a default archive that names outlook.nk2 that archive contains your auto-completing contacts to back up from Windows XP to Windows 7 you just need to replace that archive..

COPY FROM WINDOWS XP... C:\Documents and Settings\"youruser"\Datos de programa\Microsoft\Outlook

PASTE IN WINDOWS 7..... C:\Users\"youruser"\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Outlook

NOTE: to see the AppData folder you need to activate hidden files and folders.. here is the link to see how to do it.. Sorry for my english...
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