Where is the Win 8 serial and how to get a Win8 DVD?

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    I bought a notebook with pre-installed Windows 8.
    Unfortunately there is no Windows 8 DVD supplied with the notebook.

    Assume the hard disc or system crashes:

    From where do I get a windows 8 DVD for new installation?

    When I go to system info in Windows 8 I can see a
    Product ID .....-......-.....

    Is this the serial number for Windows 8?

    Can I use this Product ID to re-activate Windows 8 again?

    What about the Windows 8 installation source? As far as I found out I have to use some "Backup/Recovery" tool from Windows 8 to store the current installation onto an external drive (and restore it (if necessary) from there).

    Where exactly do I found the recovery/backup tool in Windows 8?

    Does it store the full partition structure from the hard disc?
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    Your notebook should have a recovery partition from which you can boot a clean recovery. It should also have a utility program to burn recovery disks from the recovery partition. You should burn a set of these disks immediately and also make a second copy for added security.
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    > Start, type Recovery and move down to Settings or WinW, type RECOVERY.
    You will see Windows 7 Recovery.
    Click on it.
    Select "Create a Repair Disc".
    There you can also "Create a System Image".

    Oh, and, BTW, the Product Key and the Product ID are not the same thing.

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