Which AV program for Win 7?

I've been using G-Data with Vista, but will keep crashing my Win7 64.

Heard Norton 360 isn't working either.

Any sensible suggestions?

An Anti-Virus suggestion

Yesterday I loaded Windows 7 onto a machine I have at home and everything seems great. I installed Avira Free edition anti virus on this computer and it works with no problems. Today I loaded Windows 7 onto my new HP notebook, it also run excellent. I downloaded and installed AVG anti-virus 8.0 free edition on this unit and all is well. Hope this helps. Greg:cool:

AVG 8 works great for me

I am trying Norton 360 3.0 (Beta) - as suggested by MS. Until now it seems to run fine.

I'd rather not try G-Data AV 2009 again! ;)

I tried the Norton 360 Beta, and it didn't work for me. It blocked my modem from connecting to the internet. I uninstalled it, then ran system restore, and then was able to get on the internet. So then I tried the 30 day trial of NOD 32 and that's working fine.

hmm just installed it this morning. I got internet access via network and it's working fine. I guess I'll do some indepth tests this weekend.

When I first installed Windows 7, I was able to get on the internet in just a couple of minutes with no problems. So I downloaded the Norton 360 beta, and while installing it I lost my internet connection half way thru the install. At first it looked like my modem wasn't connecting with Yahoo, and it looked like a Yahoo problem. Yahoo would not recognize my modem, so then I thought maybe it is the Norton software, as I lost my connection while installing it. So I removed N360, and still couldn't get on the internet, so then I tried a system restore and that fixed the problem.

have been trying it for several days now and it works fine for me.

I LOVE NOD... However, after some reading ( and I take it for what it is worth ) I installed AVAST.. Installs Perfectly, and runs perfectly. No problems at all.. I don't care for the gui ( as much as NOD ) but it works well. Give it a go..

avast! - Download antivirus software for spyware and virus protection

Did not make the top 10 and I think NOD is way better then the top 3, but it works well..

AntiVirus Software Review 2009 - TopTenREVIEWS

Avast a/v also works ver well and keeps updating itself thoughout the day

Sunbelt Vipre. runs well on win7 and uses far less resorces than the other AV programs.. Sunbelt software

Kaspersky is my vote --version also for W7. It's slightly more expensive than most of them but if you have a BARCLAYS online bank account (Barclays uk) you can get a FREE 1 year license.

You download the 30 day trial and then your bank account will give you the license key -- probably the only time in history and the only place in the known universe where a Bank has actually done something positive -- of course Fraud costs Banks a lot of money so perhaps this is in their interest as well to ensure customers have AV software installed.

The fact that this is developed in Russian Labs is actually quite good since a lot of the real nasty worms / viruses / trojans etc originally came from that part of the world so they've got decent first hand experience of dealing with this stuff.



Since my fresh install of W7, I've been using AVG Free, and it's been working very well, no problems to report.

AVG 8 works just fine.

Norton 360 should never be installed on any computer. Unless you really really HATE that computer, but I can't imagine hating any single computer that much...

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