Which is the best antivirus for Ransomware?

Amit Shaw

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As ransomware attacks are the scariest of all the other forms of malware, could anyone tell me how to prevent ransomware infection and also suggest the best antivirus for protection against ransomware.


Windows Forum Team
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I wouldn't say there is ever a "best solution" to anything. Any security analyst/engineer will preach defense in depth or multiple layers of protection is the best strategy.

  • Installing all OS and software updates
  • Having a firewall
  • Installing a highly rated AV/AM product ( i recommend Webroot Secure Anywhere)
  • Remove applications you don't use
  • Run your computer with a standard account and only use the admin account for administrative tasks
  • Keep UAC turned on
  • Install EMET and set it to max security
  • Download software from reputable sources
These are a few things that you can do/install to help keep your system protected.
If you are looking for the antivirus you can read the review of bestantiviruspro. They ahve selected the latest and best antivirus software that you can use for your needs. As for me, I prefer Kaspersky. It is easy-to-use and I believe its developers that it really protects my PC. As I know It can easily deal with Ransomeware.