Which laptop is best fo me ?


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Once deciding on a machine after looking into specs and games. Come back and then I'm more than willing to recommend one over another.


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Because I have that laptop, I have the specs and I thought I could help....
(For a moment I thought you was misreading my message...)
But now it is on to mr. Blackmagicislam

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Thats still not going to game. Intel integrated is in no way designed or capable of gaming at anything but the lowest settings and then it'll be a poor experience.
I have this laptop hp 250 g5 ...
This laptop serve me very well..
Thats why i to

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I am at an Acer E5 575G.
It has an I5-7200U processor (with integrated Intel graphics) and a GF940MX, 8 GB DDR4 memory, 254 GB SSD and 1 TB HD.
...... But should not you go for a model with an I7 for best performance?

both are shit but the Acer is better than the Lenovo
550 is not much of a budget... have a look at refurbished Asus laptops for an older W8 | W8.1 with i3 chip

I really wonder why an I3 should be better then an I5......
Besides mr. 'Blackmacigislam' has already ordered a laptop (see #23)


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If this is the general rule:
· Core i7: 4 (or more) cores. All CPUs have Hyper-Threading
· Core i5: 4 cores, no Hyper-Threading
· Core i3: 2 cores + Hyper-Threading
and Hyper Threading boosts the performance with 15 – 30% then
an i7 has at least 460 – 520% of the performance of one core and
an i5 has 400% of the performance of one core and
an i3 has the performance of 230 – 260% of the performance of one core.

But there are so many different processors, that we better forget the general rules and compare the performance specs of the individual processors.


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You can buy lenovo Ideapad 320 s, Acer chromebook, lenovo yoga book, Google Pixelbook.
These are the best laptops which you can opt for.

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I'll assume you've well and truly made your decision already, but for future reference there's a great website called "WePC" that offers cheap gaming solutions I recommend checking out. I'm sure there are probably many other helpful sites as well but this is the only one I know that allows you to build computers for your needs and with a budget in mind.