Which of the many "S-1-5-21-10866195...." user are really active and setup? Clean-up tool for useles


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Once again I have setup here an 64bit Win7 pro system.
Many of the files from the D: partition were taken from the previous Win7 system resp. copied from another Win7 (WinXP) computer.

When I look at some of the security tabs of some of the files and folders then various user entries exist for users like


e.g. in $RECYCLE.BIN folder

Are all these users still existing or are they orphans from previous Win7 (WinXP?) systems?

How can I find out which of them are really existing on the current local Win7 system?

Can I remove all these security entries (e.g. for $RECYCLE.BIN or *.jpg files) without causing harm to my system?

Maybe there is a clean-up tool which does this job automatically for me for all entries of all files+folders on my system?



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Can I delete all SIDs for files+folders which do not have a corresponding user account on the local machine?

What if an old file has still ONE security entry (from an old installation).
After removing this security entry it has NO security permission.

Can I (as member of the local Administrators) take ownership?
..or get automatically ownership?

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