Windows 7 Which version did you install? 32 or 64


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? which did you install I went for the 32 to ensure compatibility, even though i have 4 gb of ram. My graphic card shares most of the other gig anyway.


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Added the "Both" and "None" options.
As for me, I've installed both. We'll see which one I go with.


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I went 64bit because thats what my machine is set up for. And I assume someday 64 bit will the standard but, who knows?


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64 bit it's time, I have felt sorry for all my hardware being 64 bit ready, and never taking advantage of that.

So far I have had no major issues.


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32 Bit

I had to install 32 bit because my test machine has a 32 bit Pentium M processor with 2 gig of ram.


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im assuming you know 32bit has a 3.25gb limit.

That's not always true... My main pc which is listed here, has 4GB's in it and in Windows 7 32 bit edition I am able to see and use 3.5GB out of the 4GB total.. the other .5GB goes to my gpu.. ;) I find every PC is different as to how much of a 4GB total you'll actually be able to see and use when it comes to a 32 bit OS...


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32 bit, just because I have no need for 64, but when the next release comes I plan on having around 7 gigs of ram, so I will go with that.


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I have 32bit, because my Pentium M doesn't support 64bits. :(

And 32bit allows only 4GB of RAM allocation total, RAM, video card, physx card, etc. So if you have a 1GB GPU and a 256MB physx card, you can use only 2.75GB of say 4GB of system RAM.


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I did 32 bit on build 6801 and 64 bit on build 7000 and i noticed a huge difference in stability and speed on both my computers. Only 1 issue with a printer so far with x64. The google chrome issue i was able to fix with the work around.


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I've tried both and it seems as though the 32 bit runs faster than the 64, and my processor is compatible with 64 bit, Intel Pentium Dual-Core 2ghz, and 2 GB of RAM. I don't know why the 32 bit ran faster than the 64.

Also, is it possible for me to partition my hard drive and install the 32bit to one partition and the 64bit to the other?


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Also x64 due to 8GB of RAM.
If 64 bit was gong to be the standard, shouldn't it be by now? Obviously it isn't due to the lack of drivers & support.
I had to abandon Norton SysWorks among other apps when I changed over.


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Installed both 32-bit and 64-bit - obvious advantage with 64-bit as I have 6GB RAM, performance is great - however compatibility is slightly better on x86 (albeit on older hardware which never really had official x64 support, so i think an upgrade is in order)


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I installed x64 on two machines and will on a third. I'm ready to make the switch (I think it's time to switch). I've had 64-bit hardware for sometime, might as well use it. I have 8GB of RAM in one computer 4GB in two other computers. Both computers with x64 Win7 work great.


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Windows 7 64 bit

I find Windows 7 64 bit to run 253 points slower :mad: than Windows Vista using 3dMrk Vantage in Windows 7 mode :(

Thomas :cool: