who can solve some real hard faults

Discussion in 'Windows 7 Help and Support' started by 3doz, Mar 22, 2014.

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    some solfare or fault occured and left these problems
    the hards drive has benn scanned for fauts and and virus
    I have tries so mant w fixes and suggestions
    I think these are all related to one problem with w7

    1 sfc/ scanno wil not operate even cold boot method , same result serurity prevents this for operating
    2 audio device disabled by w7
    3 Windows feature is blank
    4 mc Visual C++2008 x86 wont install by a program .let looking in the control pannel it shows its installed 4 times
    5 the original install disc will not over install the w7 on the hard drive
    6 windows update shows it cont update but is does automaticly strange that
    7 it shows no network but its on line
    8 no home group and " Create a home group is greyed out"
    as stated have tries so many different fixes with no luck and would simple like to do ! or 5
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    The easiest way would be Control Panel\All Control Panel Items\Recovery

    When you click "Open System Restore" you should get some options. Choose one that's before the problems, as you understand it. Go as far back as you can. Or / and uninstall anything new you've got.

    The fact that Windows won't over install itself is a precaution, made for your original OS' safety, thus not to run over what you have. It's actually a good thing, even if it may seem to be a nuisance.

    There's something here I don't understand, hopefully more professional members will answer you.
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    thanks tried that a long time ago

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