Who has purchased a pre-order copy of Windows 7

Have you purchased a pre-order copy of Windows 7??

I have purchased 2 copies of Pro and 1 copy of HP

I've purchased 3 copies of Windows 7 Pro.. Christmas presents for members of the family.. I'll be getting one for myself as well but later on.. ;)


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I purchased one copy of Windows 7 Pro


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Not Yet!

I stuck with a combination of 2000 and Millennium until XP was in SP2 phase. I bought a Vista machine soon after it hit the market and got stung. While Windows 7 is a big step beyond Vista, I still see a lot of places such as "libraries", for instance, where HUGE Vista problems have just been "swept under the rug" rather than being fixed. While Windows 7 is a huge improvement over Vista, it is not yet "Vista done right". I think I will again wait until SP2 or so before I begin to migrate to Windows 7........or 8. I'll stick with a combination of 2000 and XP for a few months to a few years. XP, contrary to some doomsayers predictions, will remain a viable OS for the next 6 to 10 years. Maybe by then, some Linux developer will have figured out how common people want to use their computers and we can all migrate away from Microsoft all together.

Ed Dixon

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I rarely ever actually purchase upgrades. They are almost always part of an MSDN subscription.


I'll just wait until the final release of Windows 7. :)


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Preordered 1 copy of home premium.

I purchased one copy of Home Premium just before the price doubled! (Amazon.ca)

I cant. I want home premium from amazon and they sold out just before i was about to buy one. And its been 14 hours and no new copys have been added. Even pro and ult are sold out.

Windows 7 pre order

When I installed W7 RC I read that between 15th July and 12th August I would be able to obtain W7 at 50% off as a reward. But I am now unable to find any reference to this, does anyone know anything about it. Thanks

1 pro 4 hp 1 ultimate(upgrade with vista oem)


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We have already "purchased" our licenses through our enterprise agreement. We will be going with Professional.


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Ordered 3 copies of Pro from Amazon before they sold out.

Had planned on 1 Pro and 2 Premiums for the PCs round the house, and if there's still some available at any of the online retailers after my credit card bill is paid :rolleyes: I might swap

I got a copy of home premium from comet. WOOP WOOP. I have to wait until monday after 7 is released to get it though.

One copy of Professional

I pre-ordered one Pro and one Home Premium.


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I ordered a copy of Home Premium last Monday (10/8/09) through Amazon...:D The price was £65 all in which I know isn't the cheapest deal out there but it's ok by me. One of the features of this particular release is that you get both 32 and 64bit copies of 7. You originally had to buy the Ultimate version (and perhaps Proffessional?) to get that feature so for me it's another win, win situation...

I ordered 1 copy of Home Premium on 27th July through PC World, was charged £70

I picked up a copy of Pro........had to get it thru Futureshop. Canadian prices suck.



I picked up a copy of Pro........had to get it thru Futureshop. Canadian prices suck.
I did a check at Futureshop, btw certainly not the cheapest store although I wonder if it matters in this case, and the price for Windows 7 Ultimate Full is $349,99 CAN

At Newegg.com the price is $319,99 USD, after conversion $351,40 CAN, which is actually $1.40 more.

Now explain to me why Canadian prices suck. :confused:

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