Windows Vista Whos using vista

I used Vista Beta2 and RC1. I haven't purchased Vista yet, as I'm waiting to see what Fiji can bring in terms of Media Center.

My complaint with Vista was it's memory usage, which was like 600MB/800MB. I do have 2GB of RAM, plenty to handle it, but I prefer to have free space for the applications to work in RAM, rather than Page File.
Vista is garbage, IMO. A program with so many problems should not be released to the public.

Eh well, I guess they are at least keeping up to Microsoft's standard of product. :S
Once you find your way around the (uneccessary) changes in the navigation, it has very few bugs.(By the way, after some tears on the desks, what XP bugs are you talking about?)
I was a Vista Beta tester, and have been using it as my main OS since RC1. The bottom line is that it is, in only some very small aspects, better than XP. It is a wise decision of the mass company buyers not to expend any money on "upgrading"??)
Microsoft has just recently poisoned their own well water by announcing a possibility of a new OS every two years. What budget cautious company is going to try and keep up with that! Are the software and driver manufacturers going to try and cope?
The hardware companies will like that I think. More OSes will mean that people need to upgrade more often, or stay with the old OS. This would most likely result in more sales for the companies.

In the past, Microsoft released an OS more or less every two years, 95, 98, 2000, and 2001 (XP). So, I think it's just a matter of time till they consider it common again to upgrade every two years.
I want a vista, with a new pc, but money and backward compatibility is what it really needs. Im waiting for vienna. i use office 97 cuz its fast. wow.0.o
I myself have a copy of Office 2003 Student and Teacher edition. It seems fast enought for me. Perhaps you should try out Windows Longhorn Reloaded, it's suppost to be much better than Windows Vista, and it uses a differnt core.