Windows 8 Why can't I respond to the post by Craftgirl?


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I was trying to respond to the post by Craftgirl but when I open the thread I can see the
three posts by the original poster but it is opening in a different format window with no options to reply.

I tried several other posts and they all open normally.

Anyway if Craftgirl happens to read this make sure that your printer is set as default printer in control panel, also go to Microsoft Word and open the print dialog and make sure that Word it set to print to your printer and not to One Note.

Let us know it that helps.



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This is what it looks like for me.....



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Earlier yesterday I contacted Mike re' the weird way this post is being displayed. I also contacted Craftgirl via pm:

That worked...thanks so much. Not sure why Microsoft has to screw with stuff and make it more complicated. I do NOT KNOW what I'd do without this forum!!! The men in the little white coats would have to 'take me away'. haha.

Many MANY thanks!
Nancy B. :)

Originally Posted by kemical

re your recent post about Onenote and printing. For some reason it's not displaying properly in the forum. I need to check as to why this is but in the mean time try this.

Open the control panel, look under Hardware and sound and you'll see written just below 'View devices and printers'. Click on that and then Right click a different printer, to the default OneNote printer and make it the default.
Hopefully that will work. I'll also check on the thread display issue.

Hopefully this display issue will be sorted soon.


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Strange: I never saw anything like this before and I can't imagine what would cause this post to display in a completely different manner.