Why is copying files from desktop to desktop folder so agonizing slow?

I have a SSD and I'm copying 2.5 GB of mp4 videos from my desktop to a desktop folder and it's so agonizingly slow. I have a $2,500 desktop computer so my computer isn't crap . It can handle anything I throw at it.

Is there something in the settings I can change or something?

It's been copying the 2.5 GB of files for 3 minutes now


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You need to elaborate more, you are copying from your desktop to a folder on your desktop? Is it from another drive, is it SSD to SSD.. give details.

I have Windows 7 desktop PC. Copying the files on my desktop to a folder on my desktop which is on my main drive C: which is SSD drive. I do have a huge D: Hard drive but I was not using it at the time.

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