Why would a Windows developer/packager not provide the option to install-for-all-users


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Some applications can be installed "for all users" (from an admin account), and some can't.
AFAIK, the availability of such option is a design on the side of the packager (or developer+packager?)

Is there any rationale for a developer/packager not to provide that option, so the user decides?
There can be several reasons why a developer or packager may choose not to provide the option to install an application "for all users." While it ultimately depends on the specific circumstances and intentions of the developer, here are a few possible rationales:

1. Simplicity: By not offering the option to install for all users, the developer can streamline the installation process and reduce complexity. This might be preferred if the application is intended for individual users and doesn't require multi-user access or collaborative functions.

2. Security: Some applications may be designed with security considerations in mind, such as protecting sensitive or proprietary data. By limiting the installation to a single user, it helps maintain the security of the application by ensuring that only authorized users have access.

3. Licensing/Costs: In some cases, the decision to not offer a multi-user installation option may be driven by licensing considerations or cost considerations. Providing the option for all users may require purchasing additional licenses or incurring other expenses, which the developer or packager may want to avoid.

4. Compatibility/Support: Certain applications might have compatibility or support limitations when installed for all users. This could arise due to conflicts with other software installed on the system or issues specific to the user environment. By limiting the installation to a single user, it can help minimize these potential compatibility or support challenges.

5. User Preference: Finally, some developers or packagers may simply make assumptions about user preferences and prioritize a single-user installation approach. They might believe that the majority of users prefer this setup, or that it aligns better with the typical use case scenario.

It's important to note that these are just potential reasons, and not all developers or packagers will have the same motivations. Ultimately, the decision to provide or not provide the option to install for all users is a design choice that will vary depending on the particular application and its intended audience.