wierd keyboard issue


every once in a while, I press something on my keyboard (honestly can't tell you what it is since I am usually in the middle of typing up a document and may not notice when I mis-typed) but my keyboard then will not use the proper letters for the keys I type. Example: I press "a" and I get "q", I press "z" thinking maybe that will give me "a", but it gives me "w" instead? the only thing I've found to fix it so far is to reboot. at first I thought it was just the keyboard I was using (it's still a ps2), but as I'm remoting in today and using a wireless keyboard, and it happened again, it's obviously not the keyboard.

Also, it's not in every application that the keyboard will be affected. Ex: if I'm currently typing in Eclipse, Notepad++ will be ok - so sometimes I'll finish up in Notepad++ to paste into Eclipse - but this is getting old. It depends on which application I'm typing in when it happens on which applications will be affected. I haven't found anything in control panel to fix this - anyone have any ideas?

What kind of keyboard is it? Has there or have you updated the driver/software for the keyboard? If not, I would update driver/software for the keyboard. Next thing that pops up as a red flag is malware, spware that has gotten onto your system. This is a classic sign of a worm/trojan in place and wreeking havoc on your system. Run malwarebytes, SuperAnti Spyware, Spybot S&D and Adware in full scan mode and see what they find. You might want to run them in "Safe Mode with Networking" just to play it safe. This will allow you to download the software and update the difinitions and run the software with only the bare minimum system process needed.

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