Wierd Matters That Really Makes Me Frustrated!!

Hello community people.How are you guys been doing?Well it's been a while since i'm not logged in cuz i've been busy with my daily routine.Ok let me just get the problem that annoying me.For a past three days ago my lappy running on windows 7 ultimate with intel core duo/1.66ghz 2gb ram with 32 bit.The problem is when everytime that i switch on my lappy which comes with the BIOS start,It always get stuck in the middle of the load screen.It wont load til i have to press one of the keyboard button,Then after i press it the screen continue to load and start the computer.After that i have notice that i few problem exist.Start menu wont open..it keep closing til i have to press the WINDOWS key on the board it works.Then another freaking problem exist..CANT DO DRAG AND DROP in desktop,in exlporer etc..Trying to use photoshop and load the image files but it doesn't work either.Something has mess up with my lappy.What should i do??I've got NOD32 installed a scanned but found nothing plus with the malwarebyte also found nothing.That is really freaky..I don't know what happen and how do i solved this kind of matters.Please help people.I AM SO FRAKING IRRITATED WITH THIS...:lightning::lightning:

Do anyone here knows?Need help here..


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Sounds like a hardware problem. You could, of course, try an on-line virus scan, to be sure about the malware part. You could also update your BIOS or, check it for virus --- which are very very very rare, Removing BIOS Virus | eHow.com

I'd say you have a hardware issue. Memory or motherboard.

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