Win 10 1903 installation stick how big should it be?


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Hi there, 1 questioner got a Win 10 to install on another stick. "0x80042405-0xA001B" And in fact, I have noticed that brings presented by the MS-user "8GB" is not enough version of the 1903 for this needs at least (HOME) 12gt drive / 16GB (PRO)!
When that bug report came up here in the Fin community that (8gt) was sufficient. How is this going to be sufficient or because of that transfer to another machine must be "12gt" (HOME) / "16gt" (PRO). Referring to that error message THANK YOU for your answers Rapaaja
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The ISO should only be around 4GB so it should easily fit on a 8GB stick. Re-read that first line, you want to install it on a flash drive? That's not really recommended, but you would want one at least 32GB to account for updates, programs and data.


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("0x80042405-0xA001B"? Why he got that revelation) Thank you for your answer Rapaaja SORRY
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It should be the code you are using, it is not valid, or maybe you are using an installation code, in fact you need an activation code, i had the same probleme, after i bought an OEM code, the problem has been solved.

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