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Windows 7 Win 7, 7077


New Member
Apr 9, 2009
Have installed 7077 and in control panel it say that Defender application is not found.
And the icon for defender is not normal.
Any idea ?
Yes i agree, but i wondered why Microsoft have left it out and, I use Eset Smart Security
Update Process

Hi, I read in a Z Net submission yesterday that it will be necessary do co CLEAN installs for RC. Does anyone know if this is correct? That would be something that is new to me, and which I have never even considered. The whole idea of trying a clean upgrade is quite awesome and very bothersome. How in the world is one supposed to keep things that are currently in use to say nothing of how one should have to go about restoring programs that have no provision for reinstalling. Then there are little things like Outlook and Word 2007. I've got a LOT of files in Outlook as well as quite a few writings in Word. How can one be sure that all such are not lost in the transition? When I installed this Beta version over Vista Ultimate the whole operation went very smoothly and when done there was nothing missing, other than OneCare, and my TV Tuner was inoperative. Well, I now have Norton 360 v. 3 and am still looking for a tuner that will work with W7, but those are relatively minor issues. I wrote a rather long and very impassioned letter to the Manager Feedback site today expressing these same views. maybe if some of the rest of you who feel as I do that a clean install would be intolerably burdensome would also make those thoughts known, they might be able to take perhaps a little more time to ensure that the upgrade to RC will be a smooth as from previous O/S's to W7
Outlook Export

You can export your outlook post office. Go to file, export, and follow instructions. Be sure to select the top Personal Folders directory so that the export will get all subfolders. After you reinstall, you can import the PST as well. I use this method to backup my post office weekly.
hi, Thanks for the reply, and it sounds like htat would be good for Outlook, but what about everything else? I'm really not trying to be obstinate ro anything like that.
A clean install is the only way to install an OS in my opinion.. upgrading is garbage as it usually always results in errors, or driver problems.. not to mention it takes alot longer than a clean install.. I do see where your coming from and I agree that it can be a pain in the a$$ to have to reinstall apps and backup all your files and what not... HOWEVER there are ways around that but alot of people don't bother and then they install and wonder why they get errors and all kinds of problems that could have easily been avoided..

Backing up your personal information is a big one.. I mean to me it's just common sense to always make backups (which I do weekly), but to alot it's just something that is more of a pain than something they should do regularly... It's just if you do make backups weekly, or monthly or whatever than when something like Windows 7 RC (for example) comes along it's not as big of a deal to have to do a clean install.. ;)

As for having to reinstall apps, well that's just something people are going to have to get used to.. but I mean really, when you think about it, doing a clean fresh install of Windows followed by clean fresh install of all your apps isn't a bad thing.. it simply means you'll have a nice fresh system that is going to be working as best it possibly can and most likely will be error free.. ;)

Like I said, I'm not trying to say that upgrading instead of doing a clean install is wrong.. it's not, I'm just saying a clean install is much much better than upgrading for multiple reasons.. :)
Outlook and Other Products

I partition my drive to a 'C' and 'D' drive. I install software/OS on 'C' and all other files go to 'D'. In Word, Excel, etc. I setup my file storage to go to 'D:\Docs' This way I isolate my data from software crashes and viruses. It has helped me on more than one occasion when I have installed software with worms, etc. I can also sync this with my other computers and share files easily. Next rebuild that you do you could try it.
This is to say thanks to both Radenight and oneextraraid for the advice on making the copies before updates. As it happens I loaded a full system image to an external WD Hard Drive, which turned out to be just a bit less than 60GB. I guess I could always format that and start over with a fresh image just before beginning whatever the process turns out to be. the next question is: in what form would all that be disgorged when the stuff is needed?Or would it be better to burn it all onto a DVD - actually several? Of course there is always the option of using a Blu-Ray disc for the storage, however many of those it would take? One of the internal drives right now has about 1GB more than that I guess that would also be one of the options.

In just a moment I'm going to go back to the general question area and ask why a remote isn't operating like it should, so you might check for that if you're gluttons for punishment. Thanks again. I hope that both of you get this.
Why can't you install Windows 7 on a new HD and switch the one you're worried about to slave? That's what I've done with my Vista HD until Windows 7 is finalized.
Consideration on the upgrades.

Thanks to each of you for your thoughts. I'll be sure to give them careful consideration before the RC1 comes out. One more thing, would any of you have any ideas about how to reactivate volume adjustments from the IR remote. When I watch any video from the Net all that the remote will do is mute / unmute, with no volume control at all. This also applies to the volume buttons on the keyboard. Interestingly, both the remote and the keyboard buttons work fine when I'm using Cyberlink PowerDVD 7 Ultra, for either movies or just music CDs. It would very nice to be able to regain the full use of the remote. I really can't think of anything in particular that was happening when the control stopped working, so if any of you have ideas about I'd love to hear them.