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Windows 7 win 7 and skype


New Member
Jan 5, 2009
has anyone had any luck getting skype to run with a voip adapter, been trying to get it to run with Dlink dph-50u
Only have problems w/ my mic. Seems to be a general problem w/ Windows 7 and I am waiting for a fix.
New Gateway nv53 laptop with Conexant High Def Auidio. Sound recording and playback is fine, but Skype testing playback often has dropouts of a second or more and 20-30 db in sound level. Never had a problem with Windows XP. I hear from this site of a lot of people having a problem. Wonder why you don't. Have putzed around and nothing seems to fix the problem!
... would seem to be a caching problem Was wondering weather app was running into cache limit. The HD Audio Controller shares IRQ 16 with Std OpenHCD USB Host Conrtroller (2X) and shares memory address with AD PCI Express (3GIO) Filter Driver.
Physical memory has about 2 Gig on standby and free. I just ran Skype testing again with onboard mic (4 times) and experienced no problem. But problem has been somewhat intermittant. So...will be checking more as we go ...