Win 7 do not allow me to use 4 Gb of RAM - just 2 Gb...

:( I'm getting so tired. No one seems to have the answer or solution on how to solve my issue.

Before I had XP Professional and bought 2 Gb extra RAM but realized very fast that since I have 4 pcs of parallell Nvidia Geforce 7950 GX2 graphic boards I can not utilise more RAM under that OS anyhow.

So I upgraded - installed Win 7 Ultimate 64-bit and hoped to be able to use my new RAM sticks. Now I realized that my sound board Creative Soundblaster X-Fi Extreme Music doesn't allow me to use more than 2 Gb RAM under this OS to work properly.

I've attached some CPU-Z data and a picture of the properties of my computer, (unfortunately in Swedish), but what it says
is that I'm just to allowed to utilise 2 Gb of my 4 Gb RAM.

(And yes - all RAM has the same speed and are recognized by bios).

I'm trapped in a loop of problems - and would really appreciate any advice.


Did yo upgrade Xp to 7 ? Clean install is preferred.

Do you have any devices connected that are responsible for reserving 2gb of your Ram address space ?

Have you tried finding bios updates?

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Clean install on new drive and no allocation that I know of.

Thanks for starting the discussion. I have a clean install from scratch on a fresh drive and there is now device allocating that I know of - how could i check?

Then, I've limited the RAM to 4 Gb in my msconfig. Without that limit - letting OS handle the use of RAM my soundcard just freaks out and sounds morphing...


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Ram truncating

I had a similar problem with Win7 Enterprise (64bit) when I tried to run 8GB of ram. It turned out to be a conflict with my nVidia Quadro video drivers. I ditched that card and went with a nVidia GeForce GTS 250 and everything runs great now. I would try swapping out add-in cards such as sound, video etc. one at a time (uninstalling the drivers of course) and see what happens.

:( Well, thanks for the suggestion but I am not very happy to have to buy a new graphics board to be able to use my RAM.

Any other suggestions, registry tweaks, boot.ini flags etc?

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