Win 7 does not see files in USB hard drive

WE have implemented our 1st Win7 machine overall it's working pretty well. However we have 2 WD passport drives, the machine will discover and open the files on one but not the other. I also tried to access an ide drive through an adaptor and it would not recognise that either. This is a brand new Dell running Win7. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated

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Joe S

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Did you check the WD site and see if there are updated drivers/firmware there? Also on the drive that doesn't work disconnect properly then reboot and then plug back in. Sometimes that fixes it. I've run into this with a usb WD My Book Pro 1T My second usb from WD never has any problems.

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I have tried these solutions none of which seem to work. WD says they do not support or have drivers for this device, but, we have an identical WD Passport that works without a problem. It seems USB thumb drives work just fine but anything such as an external hard drive or eide drive connected with adaptors cannot be seen or at the least will see the files on the drive. Thanks again


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Have you tried different USB ports?

Disconnect it completely and add it as if it were the first time you installed it and see if the new hardware wizard activates.

Joe S

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Have you tried different cable? Does the drive work on a different PC? I had an external DVD drive that gave me recognition problems. The USB port on the drive was bad. Did you check device manager and see if there are any errors with the drive or the USB controller? You might also try deleting the driver for the cranky drive rebooting so windows will reload the driver.

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