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Windows 7 comes with a built-in fax utility for use with fax modems. I have finally gotten it working although the documentation seems a bit sparse.

I have a calling card set up and everything seems fine. But...there's always a "but".

When I send a fax the number rings, I get the negotiation tones and a message saying that the fax is being sent. Takes about a minute. Then I get another message saying that the remote fax failed to answer in time and the call is being terminated.

Thing is the fax gets sent. I might suspect that it is the fault of the remote fax except this happens in every case so far.

The modem is a usr 56k voice on the pci bus and is on com3. All indications are that it is working properly...and as mentioned faxes are going through...device manager says it is working properly. But when I query the modem in device manager, I get a message saying that it is not responding.

I'm not sure what the problem is...the modem, which is dialing, negotiating and sending; or the Windows 7 fax software which reports the error.

Any thoughts? advice or answers?


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My only guess would be either the modem needs updated drivers, or it's on it's last leg.
Thank you for taking the time. I was afraid this question would go begging.

I have the latest drivers for the modem. If I recall correctly, I needed Win7 drivers for it.

I am not sure how...given that device manager says the modem is working properly, that the faxes go through, and that there never appears to be any fault or hesitation in its the error message I'm getting relates to the impossibly that the modem may be on its last legs. I don't get the sense in any form that there is a problem with the modem. The modem seems to be doing what it is supposed to do.

I could even ignore that annoying error message if the fax utility didn't want to re-send the fax...over and over again.

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