Win 7 Pro 64bit - All browsers not showing pictures in forums.

I am trying to get the pictures in a forum that I frequent ( over at ) and When I open the threads, the pictures mostly lod with red x's. If I check the link the photos are not dead, but for some reason the links arent displaying the images. Does anyone know what I need to do to make this work?

it's not a forum - it's a Wordpress blog!

installed latest WP updates?

Drunkenstepfather has a forum, look at the top of the page.... in any case... all updates are installed and when I go into the forum section I cant see the pics.... what gives???

Ah, okay, I can see all pics in the forum on ulti7-64 here on FF/IE

maybe clear browser cache/cookies (reset to all defaults) may help - only that forum or a general issue?
If it's only that forum it's likely a host issue

unfortunately I have no other place to test out my browser...

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