Win 7 RC1 freezes up after 5 mins...HELP PLEASE!

I just got this problem, have no clue what is making it do it. I have not installed any new programs, my laptop is a refurbished HP Touchscreen laptop and I literally just got it so have no system restore points. I wrote the guy that I bought it from and haven't got a response yet. I am typing this in safe mode, other then the sound not working and not being able to use the pen or my finger to navigate or draw, it works fine, I have been up and running for over an hour this time. I thought maybe the prob fixed itself earlier and tried normal bootup, but it froze up again. The cursor still moves, but you can't click on anything, it started when I was watching a movie, froze, did the soundloop thing, and so I restarted it by holding down the kill switch cause task manager wouldnt come up, and it kept doing it. I pulled the battery for a few mins, restarted it and the same thing happened. I love WIN 7, but didn't get a OS disk with my laptop. Any ideas guys? Thanks in advance.

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