Win 7 - Wireless Network - Limited Connectivity

Hey guys,

Background Scenario
Just recently installed Win 7 64-bit from my previous Vista 32-bit
Did not actively get my drivers but it all seems to have carried over from previous settings as every piece of hardware seems to be working fine and is identified

Everytime i start up my comp, everything is working fine and dandy
I am connected to my wireless home network and can use computer to surf the interweb
After maybe 10 minutes of use/inactivity/downloading/ANYTHING, my wireless connection changes to Limited connectivity for no reason ie no settings touched or changed to make this happen
Details say that whilst being connected to network, there is no internet connection on the network
I have my secondary netbook which runs a Win XP which shows that the network is indeed working fine
I never experienced any problems of this sort with Windows Vista
I did have Avast Antivirus installed and thought it was a firewall issue or smth, but even after uninstalling and completely removing this, the issue remains
This issue started all of a sudden; ie for one or two days after i had upgraded to Win 7, i did not have this issue. Im not sure what brought this issue on

Please ask if any further information that might help with problem analysis is needed

Im getting very frustrated and am obsessing over this problem

Thanks heaps for any help that can be provided


I have replyed to another thread with almost the same problem as you.
I don't know why it happened, all i know is a way that might fix it.
I think that your Wireless network is no-longer automatically gaining the Internet protocol information, which has happened to me before, but not on windows seven.
To make sure thats its still working, go to network and sharing center.
click on adapter setting.
right click on wireless network and click properties while on an admin account.
click once on Internet protocol version 6.
at the bottom, there should be a properties option.
click it.
make sure that the cirles obtain ipv6 address automatically is checked for both boxes.
click ok and then click once on internet protocol verion 4.
click properties and make sure that those same cicles are checked.
If that was the problem, then your connection will restart due to changes and will take a moment to get the address.
you should have your internet up and runnning.
if this helped, please let me know.
if it didnt, let me know so i can find out what else the problem could be
-ChriS, ComputeR WiZ In TraininG

Hey Chris,

Im not sure why this happened or not, but i seem to have fixed the problem by system restore-ing the whole thing back to before i installed any 3rd party programs. I seem to think that it was a faulty MS Office i had installed that was messing with my wireless. After reverting back to clean settings, i updated my windows with all the updates and so far, fingers crossed, there have been no problems.

PS my settings were on obtaining an IP automatically before i system restored and i would still suffer from the same problem.

Thanks for trying to help tho Chris``

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